Nightmares at the Majestic

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Nightmares Hotline  (407) 270-1399   Fax  (407) 569-2728

You think you have what it takes to scare someone shirtless and make them cry like a baby -- or at least make them scream like one -- come and show us what you've got.

Dates and times:

  • Sept 2 and 3, 6-10pm
  • Sept 6, 11-7pm


Majestic Event Center, 801 N John Young Pwky, Orlando

Please dress comfortably, as you may be doing some movement exercises. Please note: if your day wear can double as a costume, you may want to consider wearing something different. We want to see YOU!

Bring: water, the completed application, if possible, a small pic of yourself and a positive mental attitude.

We will get to you as soon as fast as we can, but please be prepared to wait. First come, first seen.

Makeup Artists / Set Builders / Techies

Please email us a letter of interest to

Please include a summary of experience and skills. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you!

Volunteers, Interns, and select Paid Positions

Do you love Halloween? Do you like to scare people? Are you creative, artistic, handy, outgoing, and like to work with people? Do you love Haunted Houses? Halloween? Horror? Theater? Acting? Construction? Makeup? Special Effects? Do you like being part of a creative team that really enjoys what they do? Do you want to scare total strangers completely shirtless? Then maybe you can be one of us!

Hello horror junkies and scream queens. We want you! That’s right, you! This year we are looking for volunteers and interns that want to help out and want to learn a skill set they can make into a fulfilling job they will enjoy for the rest of their life. We will be holding auditions to train enthusiastic thespians. Acting experience, haunt experience, etc., isn’t required but is a plus.

We will train you to act the part or work the role you play in the horrific nightmare that we are creating. What we really want more than anything is enthusiasm and dependability. What does that mean? It means don’t show up to interview if you’re going to get sick every other day, have family drama, are way behind in your school work, decide you want to party with friends instead of using your power to be someone’s worst nightmare, etc. You get the idea.

You must be at least 16 (with parental permission), in good physical shape, and extremely enthusiastic about scaring people! Acting or technical experience is not necessary, but of course it's a plus. As long as you love Halloween and love scaring people, we will train! Besides some mandatory trainings in September, this opportunity will only last for the month of October.

Don’t want to make Nightmares? There are volunteer/intern positions available for the season for construction, special effects and lighting, sound, makeup and costuming, and ticket booth/concessions.

We will have volunteers and interns to meet for our Nightmare Maker’s Workshop, our one day volunteer/acting seminar in September. This workshop will include plans for this year’s haunt, the storyline, a haunted house acting seminar, character development, (your haunt character that is, not your own, we can’t be held responsible for that!). You’ll make new friends, catch up with old ones, and learn a whole heck of a lot about working in a Haunted House! Acting out in this Workshop is encouraged and won't get you in trouble with your teacher for creating your own nightmare!

And everyone gets to be part of the orientation, which covers specific policies and emergency plans.

We do have a limited number of paid positions available, in the area of:
Makeup Artists
Techies (Sound, Lighting, FX, Set Building/Design, Costuming)
Actor Leads/Coaches

Think you have what it takes for one of these positions? Please submit a list of credits and/or a job resume, samples of work, or a website where we can view them,  along with your application by one of the methods listed below:

Operations Manager

Nightmares By AEO

2200 N Forsyth Road Ste A-15

Orlando FL 32807

  • Faxed to  (407) 569-2728
Subject to change without notice.

The differences between

  • Unpaid Intern/Volunteer: We will train everyone, however, if we are training as if this is a completely new experience for the individual and giving extensive feedback and coaching to hone one's job performance, then it is unpaid.
  • Paid Employee/Paid Intern: If we are training as if customary for an experienced individual taking a new position with a new employer AND they are assisting in the feedback and coaching of other, then it is paid.

Parental Permission/Underage policies

Anyone under the age of 18 must have the volunteer/intern form filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian and submit it upon audition. Faxed and mailed copies are acceptable.

We suggest those under age 16 must have a parent, guardian, or older sibling on property the duration of the time they are volunteering they.

This is a volunteer position and should be treated as any other extra-curricular activity. School and home responsibilities should come first. Parents are always invited to participate in all Nightmares at the Majestic activities.

Underage smoking, drinking AND illicit drug use will not be tolerated, and the offenders will be expelled from the attraction immediately. This is a serious offense, as it jeopardizes the operations of both Nightmares at the Majestic AND the Majestic Event Center, which could result in immediate closure of both entities indefinitely.

Harassment Policy

While recognizing appropriate rights to privacy and free expression, Nightmares at the Majestic will not tolerate unlawful harassment of other staff, volunteers or guests. Harassment includes verbal, sexual, or visual and physical behavior that refers to a certain ethnic group, race, religion or belief, sex, nationality, age or sexual orientation or gender identification.

Anyone subject to harassment or discrimination is expected to notify a Nightmares at the Majestic manager so appropriate and immediate action may be taken.

Drug/Alcohol Use Policy

Smoking allowed on break times. We will have a designated smoking area for actors, crew and staff. To protect the show, we have set up this specific area out of sight of the guests. Please be respectful of the other scareactors and crew when on break, as one’s lack of punctuality may impact their break and rest time.

No illicit or illegal drug use will be tolerated. Any volunteer or staff suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave. Any volunteer or staff suspected of enabling underage use of any substance will be asked to leave.

Employees may be subject to random drug screening, to the will of the Nightmares at the Majestic management.

Emergency Plans and Exits

This will be discussed during the orientation sessions.