Nightmares at the Majestic

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Haunt FAQ

Is there an age range?

The intended content is PG-13ish.

Minors under 18 MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult (18 and over). No one under 18 is allowed to be unsupervised.  Nightmares is NOT recommended for most children under 7. We do not think it amusing to drag children kicking and screaming through a haunt, and them getting more scared and truly upset as they go through the attraction. We’ve seen it happen; it ruins the fun for everyone. Plus our actors are trained to adjust to situations like this, so it may not have the full entertainment value that you expect to enjoy.

We WILL have days where the first two hours are for less extreme scares that will be appropriate for younger audiences to participate.

How long will it take for me to go through the haunted house?

Approximately 10 - 15 minutes. However, this will vary on the night and the length of the queue line. Unlike some haunts that have a never-ending conga line, we will strive to never let that happen in order to preserve the show quality.

Will I get maimed by zombies, blood-sucking vampires, or abducted by aliens?

We go through great lengths to provide a safe experience for everyone. If you follow the guidelines set up for the safety of all, and not hurt the staff, scenery or yourself, you’ll survive the Nightmare.

If you don't follow Nightmares guidelines, you will be asked to leave. A refund will not be issued.

What should I wear?

Casual, comfortable attire - in case you want to run.

Nothing white or anything you would be upset if it were ruined by some bloody maniac.

Shoes you can survive the zombie apocalypse in. Closed toe shoes for your protection, as the hordes may trample on your feet while fleeing from zombies. No sandals, slippers, open toe shoes, nor heels for your safety and the safety of others in your party and our scare-actors.

As we don't want to tempt the monsters, vampires and villains, we also request that clothing appropriate in a public family venue is worn. Casual attire is acceptable. For safety reasons, please follow these guidelines:  No sagging pants, no sleeveless shirts, no slippers, no baseball type hats/ caps, No revealing clothing. This is both for your safety and the venue's dress code.

Dress code may change without notice.

Can we come in costume or wear masks?

Costumes, yes. Masks and props, no. Our roving characters will be wearing something that identifies them as Nightmares staff. Anyone trying to pass as one of our Scareactors or engaging in misconduct in costume (ie harassing others that aren't in their party), will be warned first of inappropriate behavior, and then may be asked to leave.

The exception - On certain special event nights, costumes may be permitted. Details will be provided on appropriate attire for each special event.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not permitted, except in designated smoking areas.

The no smoking rule applies to the venue, haunted house, lines, bathrooms, etc.

Can the actors touch me, or can I touch the actors?

No, and no. We train our actors not to touch others.

However, since reactions to the scare-actors are different every time, they may accidentally come too close or brush up against you.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards scare-actor abuse; instead of having our spirits rendering you into a toad, we will call OPD and file charges against you.

On a more positive note, with our roving characters outside, you may engage in appropriate physical closeness with them when posing for pics.

Nightmares Hotline  (407) 270-1399  

Fax  (407) 569-2728

Is this supposed to be scary?

Isn’t that the point? 

The scare-actors are trained to adjust their intensity level according to reactions of each individual party.

Is this a great first date activity?

Yes and no. While the idea of protecting your date from zombies, vampires, spirits and other monsters is actually kind of cool, it could easily backfire if the other isn’t a horror / sci-fi fan. What the heck! You might as well, it could lead to a lot of good things afterwards….


What should I bring?

You, your boyfriend or girlfriend (whichever may apply), your friends and assorted family members that you’d like to watch be scared shirtless. Other than that, your ID, cash, and your readiness to have a scary time.

Leave your weapons, big purses/bags, cynicism and other things you’d be upset if it were lost, stolen, broken etc., in the car, or better yet at home.

Also, please leave your gum in the car. Yes, gum. It is not permitted in the venue.

I want to do an feature article on your attraction.  Who should I contact?

Please contact us  to make arrangements.

I want to work for Nightmares at the Majestic.  How can I express my interest?

Please refer to our ‘Jobs’ link for more information.


Can we back out?

At anytime, yes by screaming, “Stop this Nightmare”. A staff member or someone in character will respond with: “Your Nightmare is ending”, and will escort you out. At this point, the show is over for you. Period.

Please inform your escort, if you need emergency assistance, so when you arrive to safety, we can get the help you need. However, no refunds will be issued, as you were forewarned of the potential hazards of entering.

Can I get the t-shirt?  Food?  - Concessions

Several of the area's best Food Trucks, plus beer & wine for are adult guests are available on-site.

On-site and online gift shops are available for all your haunted Nightmares souvenir needs.

AEO Studios also boasts a complete make-up and effects design and production studio for all your professional needs.