Nightmares at the Majestic

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Presented By Nightmares By AEO...

The spirits have spoken to all of us, and have told us that Oct 1 is not a good day to open, and would incur their wrath if we do. We are currently doing daily conversations with the spirits, to find out when we can take you to your worst nightmare, as they started to appear the night of our Launch Party. Please stay tuned for further announcements. But rest assured, once we have appeased the spirits, we will be open.

29 September 2014

CONTACT: Drew Dalire (407) 270-1399
Alan Ostrander (407) 677-8706


Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the regrettable announcement that Nightmares at the Majestic will not open this year is being made by Nightmares By AEO.

“The pulling off a miracle in the Haunt industry by creating, building, and staffing a Haunt in 90 days, was a challenge we were up to. However, permitting and inspection issues were the proverbial stake to the heart of this project,” said, Drew Dalire, Operations Manager, Nightmares By AEO.

Creative Director Alan Ostrander, echoed the sentiment, “The Nightmare we would have presented to Orlando would have not been the one of which we collectively would be proud. It would be better if we delayed our opening the haunt so we can present the Nightmare that we all deserve to experience.”

Nightmares By AEO, an AEOStudios company, is currently working with their partner, the Majestic Event Center, to create alternatives to this event, whose storyline was loosely based on the popular original Terror on Church Street attraction, in downtown Orlando. Please stay tuned for further announcements of future events.

All advanced ticket sales will be refunded shortly thereafter this announcement, all indiegogo contributions that are eligible for perks, will be fulfilled with merchandise from the now delayed attraction.

“The Nightmare isn’t over, it has yet to begin,” ended Ostrander. “We want to extend a big thank you and our gratitude to all those who have helped this project come along this far, and this is the only the beginning.”

For more information on the latest developments on Nightmares At The Majestic, please visit: At the request of Nightmares By AEO, please allow the Nightmares and the Majestic Event Center teams time to develop further and future plans regarding this season and beyond prior to submitting questions and enquiries.

Saturday August 23, 2014 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Majestic Event Center, 801 N John Young Pwky, Orlando

Find out what we’re all about, get a sneak peak of what's coming in October, and become part of the Nightmare in the process!

Featuring Body Art and Special FX Makeup demos by local artists, ambient entertainment from local theatre groups, raffle items, games a la bug eating contests and more!!!

$50 suggested donation, but all are welcome. Food and a cash bar available. And yes, we’ll be passing the hat around.

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The Birth of Nightmares...

                                                  More Bloody Details to Come...